Our teachers

Without our handpicked teachers, we would never be able to call ourselves as one of Europe's foremost academic school for fillers. 
With long experience and unrivaled expertise in their field, they are here to learn everything they can. Some of our teacher have been involved from the begining of Restylane came to the market about 20 years ago. In Mareli Academy we can with safely say that you are in safe hands all the way.

Maria Engman

We at Mareli Academy and Mareli Medical welcome one of Europe's absolute top trainers and therapists to our team.Marie Engman is a registered nurse with over 16 years of experience in aesthetic injections.
Marie has also worked as an assistant in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery for over 32 years.
Operated several clinics in Sweden and Switzerland, and recently opened their own private clinic, Engmankliniken in Solna. For 9 years, Marie has also been a speaker at IMCAS Paris and IMCAS Hong Kong. Marie has been an international clinical trainer for 11 years and educated physicians and nurses in three levels Basic, Advance and Master class.

Marie has also performed clinical studies in fillers, deep injections, orbital frames and lips.

Barbro Nilsson
Barbro Nilsson
Barbro Nilsson 

Trained nurse since the late 1980's with a further education as an addict nurse since 1990.In 1996 she opened her own clinic, Hässleholms plastikkirurgi, which today is one of the country's premier clinics in plastic surgery and aesthetics, medical skin care, etc. Has over 20 years of experience with injection treatments with fillers.

Barbro Nilsson is one of our most experienced trainers. She is responsible for all practical tasks of the education during our Basic courses.