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Questions and answers

1. Do you get a diploma/certificate after completing the training?
Answer: YES. At the end of each course you will be taking a test of the theoretical training, the trainer also watched your practical skills during the training. If you pass the practical work and theory you get a certificate on completed training. If you dont pass the theory or the practical sessions you will be able to go the same program again for free.

2. What language is the courses held in?
Answer: Swedish or English. This information is always available in each course details.

3. Are the prices with or without VAT?
Answer: All prices on this website are written exlusive VAT

4. Do you offer installment of the course?
Answer: No. The course fee must be paid at least 14 days before the course starts.

5. Can anyone join your training?
Answer: In order to become certified by us requires that you are a trained doctor, nurse or a dentist. We are very positive about the legislative changes that are going on in our industry, which means much higher demands on who is allowed to inject. We also know that there are infinitely many in our industry today, who daily perform treatments without being a nurse, doctor or dentist. Having this said, we believe that these people must be allowed to develop skills to perform safe treatments until the day when the law says otherwise. Certificates, however, are given only to the doctors, nurses or dentists.

6. Which brands can you work with after completing the training?
Answer: We have a very broad education that is not tied to a specific brand. Here you will learn, among other things, to work with Restylane, Juvéderm, Stylage, Radiesse and Teosyal. All brands we work with are CE marked products in the EU. 

7. Am I also given a certification through the Swedish Aesthetic injection Council?
Answer: No. Mareli Academy maintains a very high level of their training, which means that you right after training can apply to take the test for Swedish Aesthetic injection Council and be approved. For more information on Aesthetic injection Council, please visit https://estetiskainjektionsradet.se/ 

8. I did not pass your test, what should I do now?
Answer: Mareli Academy is associated with expertise and experience. Therefore, we, unlike many other training requirements for our students that they will achieve an acceptable level to be awarded his certificate. This is to maintain the value of the training out to your patients. It is our job to ensure that you pass the tests and has sought the best in the business to educate you. If for some reason you do not pass your tests, you are obviously going the same training again free of charge.

9. How can you help me after the training?
Answer: Mareli Academy is owned and operated by Klinikkdrift Sweden AB, which also operates Mareli Medical, Europe's largest independent supplier of fillers. You have Mareli Medical behind you all the way. We support you with the best prices on the market for your purchases. We help you with tips and advice, marketing, doctors, public relations, branding, support, and of course the service. The back-up if something happens and you need help, and more. Please contact us to see what we can do for you!