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Welcome to the 2018-year training course.

2018 is the year when we take the entire industry to new heights. Mareli Academy is a school for those who want to educate themselves in Injection Technology & thread lift. This is for those who want to take their profession seriously and want to have as broad expertise as possible. New this year is also our cooperation with Medical Finance that help you with the financializing of education. Read more about what Medical Finance can help you here.
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Basic Course - Dermal fillers. (reviewed and approved by LIPUS.)

The basic course for those who have decided to start working with fillers or for those who already work with fillers but feel that the level of competence needs to be increased.
Mareli Academy offers you one of the broadest courses in the Nordic region. All course material is objective, which means that you learn to work with a variety of brands during your schooling. All courses are rotated with theoretical education as well as practical.
The practical parts begin with the practice of injection technology on custom-made "dolls" and then switch to training on people. Therefore, it is important that you bring two people to the final days of the training when practical exercises are performed on "models".

The basic courses in dermal fillers are held by specialist nurses and doctors.
Basic Course Filler education is for Nurses, Doctors and Dentists.
The education is one of the widest in the Nordic region. Your training extends over 5 full course days and gives you a broad basic skills to start working with injection treatments.

(See dates for courses below.)

The education gives you one of the Nordic countries most comprehensive skills in aesthetic injection treatments.
In addition to a solid and objective education, you will also receive a Certificate/diploma awarded to you at the end of appoved course.
All the course materials that you use during the course of the education will bring you home as a student.
The pupils together with the school assist with "models" for the last two training days.

All registration for the course is binding.
For more information about our courses please contact us.

Advanced Masterclass course - Dermal Filler
Do you want to take your skills and techniques to the next level? Then Advanced Masterclass is the courses for you. Together with our doctors in the field, you will learn the most challenging treatments that are required and the latest techniques.
As the levels of education around Europe vary enormously, we see it as a requirement that you have the skills and experience before participating in these courses. If you do not hold this, we recommend that we first go to our basic courses. You must be a nurse, doctor or dentist. (More information coming soon)

(Registration for a course is binding)

Basic course - Dermal fillers 

Have you previously attended a basic course or plan to start a course of injection therapy with dermal fillers this is the course for you. Great emphasis is placed on secure and safe treatments for you and your patient. The course is divided into two parts, theory and practice. During this course you will learn to inject in the different parts of the face except under the eyes and nose.

  • Product Knowledge: An overview of the most common brands on the market, and their applications. A clear picture of the options each brand has. 
  • Facial Anatomy: An overview of various anatomical parts of the face. And more detailed in the areas we are working on this day. Great emphasis is placed on the risk and which parts of the face that should be avoided to perform secure and safe treatments. 
  • Risks/Security 
  • When something goes wrong 
  • Industry Knowledge  
  • Practical exercises - on dolls
  • Practical exercises - on Humans
  • Theoretical test 
  • Internship at a clinic

Price: 48 000 SEK + possible VAT/Tax                                         Location: Stockholm + Malmo                        
Time & Date:
V29: Mon 16 July - Fri 20 July (Stockholm)
V36: Mon 3 Sep - Fri 7 Sep (Malmo)

V46: Mån 12 Nov - Fre 16 Nov (Stockholm)
Adress: Magnus Ladulåsgatan 9, 118 65, Stockholm.

(NB: All enrollments to the school is binding.)
Course fee must be paid 10 days before course start.
Mareli Academy will contact you after registration for more information.