Mareli Academy offers Europe's premier training program for aesthetic injection treatments. For many, Mareli Academy is the obvious choice of education and the reasons are many. 


Why get an education only tied to a brand? We believe in beeing objective in our curriculum. A broad expertise creates the flexibility needed to meet patient requirements. 


With Mareli Academy you learn by the very best in our industry. Our trainers have international status, with many years of experience. Learn from the best at Mareli Academy.


Mareli Academy is a part of Europe's largest independent supplier of fillers. After completing the program we will provide you with the support and assistance you may need. We will also guide you and give you the service you need to achieve success. At Mareli Academy you are always in safe hands, even after completion of the course.


Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate verifying your skills. Our program is of such high quality and detail, that your skill level will also be high enough to complete the credentialing examination at the Esthetic injection Council in Sweden

A part of Mareli Medical



On Mareli Academy we aim high, therefore, the choice of the training location is simple. All courses are held inside the wonderful Turning Torso skyscraper in Malmo. In these fantastically inspiring premises we meet to offer you the best injection programs in Europe. The latest injection techniques for dermal fillers, Botox, wire lifting, etc. Learn more about our courses under Courses/Prices 

Quality products
Quality products


When participating an injection training for filler at Mareli Academy you get a solid education with different types of hyaluronic acid-based fillers. You will learn to work with most of the different brands available on the market. We believe in a wide range of skills, with focus on objectivity and responsibility. Regardless of which brand you will ultimately want to work with, the importance of knowledge about the various "fillers" on the market is important.