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Autumn 2017

Welcome to the 2017-year training course.
2017 is the year when we take the entire industry to new heights. Mareli Academy is a school for those who want to educate themselves in Injection Technology & thread lift. This is for those who want to take their profession seriously and want to have as broad expertise as possible. New this year is also our cooperation with Medical Finance that help you with the financializing of education. Read more about what Medical Finance can help you here.
(Registration for the respective courses will you find under this page)

Basic - These courses are for you who recently or have never worked with fillers or botox. Here we teach the basic knowledge of anatomy and injection technique for chosen area. You will also have a broad knowledge of the different brands available in the market and get the customer/patient approach. We place great emphasis in teaching on how to perform secure, safe treatments. All courses Mareli Academy offers are one-day courses. Food & refreshments are included in the course fee.  All courses completed with a theoretical and practical test. These tests are 
mandatory to be approved before getting a diploma/certificate. If not being approved you can go the course again for free.  The courses are divided into two parts, theory & practice. All practical training takes place in humans. Therefore, you must bring your own "model" to perform the practical parts. Do you need help to get you a "model" contact us and we will help you. All education of anatomy is performed by a licensed specialist. Injection technicians are performed by specialist nurses with many years of experience in injection techniques with dermal fillers and Botox. If you are not a trained nurse, doctor or dentist, you may not be given a diploma/certificate after completing the course. All course materials are included. NOTE All course material is in English. Course fee is payable 14 days before the course date. Registration is binding.

Advanced master class - Want to take your skills and techniques to the next level? Then Advanced masterclass are courses for you. Together with one of the world's top doctors in the field, you learn the hardest and most demanding treatments available to perform. The latest techniques in both fillers and Botox. Dr. Robert of London is one of England's most famous doctor, right on Harley Street in London, he runs his popular clinic. Celebrities around the world currently visiting Dr. Robert for the only reason that he is one of the best in his field. With nearly 22,000 followers on instagram have other therapists daily been inspired by his amazing reslutat on his patients. We at Mareli Academy is extremely proud to have Dr. Robert on board our amazing school. As the level of education across Europe varies enormously, we see it as a requirement to possess skills and experience before participation in these courses. Holds can not do this, we recommend first to go Basic program with us. Another requirement to enter the Advanced Masterclass is that you have to be a nurse, doctor or dentist. This must be met so that we know that you have a basic knowledge of anatomy and patient safety. The courses are one-day courses and divided just like in Basic in two parts, theory & practice. About 20% theory and 80% practice. Here you train with Dr. Robert. All course materials are included. The practical parts are performed live on the people, hence it is important that you take with you a "model" for the course. Having trouble finding a model, please contact us. NOTE All course materials are in English. Lunch and refreshments are included in the course fee. Course fee is payable 14 days before the course date. Registration is binding.


Fillerkurs: start -Basic 

Have you previously attended a basic course or plan to start a course of injection therapy with skinfillers this is the course for you. The level is higher than many other programs. Great emphasis is placed on secure and safe treatments for you and your patient. The course is divided into two parts, theory and practice. 

  • Product Knowledge: An overview of the most common brands on the market, and their use. A clear picture of the options each brand has. 

  • Facial Anatomy: An overview of various anatomical parts of the face. And more detailed in the areas we are working on this day . Great emphasis is placed on the risk and which parts of the face that should be avoided to perform secure and safe treatments. Teaching is done by specialists. 

  • Risks/Security 
  • When something goes wrong 
  • Patient Insurance: What are the options? 
  • Industry Knowledge  

  • Practical exercises, treatment of: Eyebrows, forehead, nasolabial, glabellar, marionette lines. (All practical sessions are supervised by a doctor and nurse. Teaching is done by a nurse with more than 20 years of experience in injection treatments with dermal fillers) 
  • Theoretical test 

Price: 78 000 SEK + possible VAT/Tax                                         Location: The top of Turning Torso, Malmo.                           
Time & Date: Monday:
March 27 - April 4.  09:00-17:00 (fully booked)
Tue 16 Maj - Tis 23 Maj 09:00- 17:00 (fully booked) 
Thu 16 Nov - 22 Nov 09:00 - 17:00

(NB: All enrollments to the school is binding.)